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Writing Resources | How to Write a Research Paper | Great Writer For HireThroughout the course of my career, I’ve spent plenty of time on the web and in libraries perfecting my research paper writing skills.  The following is a short list of resources that can help you get started with writing your own paper, should you decide you’re not ready to hire me:

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Conducting Online Research

Conducting Online Research | Great Writer for HireA Great Infographic just went up on Mashable about “How To Use Google Search More Effectively“, and I’ll summarize it shortly, before posting the pic that was provided by HackCollege.

The trick to getting the best results from a Google search is to know how to search properly.  The best thing to do is to use operators that help narrow down your search based on the criterion you specify.  Some of the best operators to use within a Google search are “site:” (without the quotation marks), ” “ (the quotation marks), and - (the minus sign).

site: tells Google to only search within one site.

” ” : with your search term within it, tells Google to search for an exact phrase as it appears within the quotes.

- : used before certain words in your search tells Google to exclude these terms.


For example, if you were looking for the Times Person of the Year for any year except for 2009, your Google search term would be “site:time.com “person of the year” -2009” (without the outer quotes).


Read more about mastering Google searches to conduct online research in the Infographic below:

Google Search Infographic from HackCollege.com | GreatWriterForHire.com

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting Your Money's Worth | Great Writer for HireIf you’re going to hire a writer, here are a few steps to make sure you get your money’s worth:

  1. Know what you want: Including length, subject matter, and intended audience.  This will make it easier to determine how satisfied you are with the finished product.  If you’ve been as specific as possible during this stage, it’ll be easy to run down a checklist of things that have been accomplished in your finished product.
  2. Include a sample: Show me at least one of your previous writing efforts, or an example of what you’d like to have written under this commission.  This will help me determine what style and prose best suits you.
  3. Ask questions early: Bring any questions or concerns to my attention AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in the writing process.  The last thing we both want is to miss something that requires us to start again from the beginning.
  4. Point me in the right direction: If you know of places where good resources or information are included, TELL ME.  Yes, I’ll do my own research, but having a starting point that includes where to look first helps with any process.
  5. Respond Quickly: I pride myself on being timely and prompt to respond to customers, and I hope that you’ll do the same. It’s important that you respond as quickly as possible to emails, texts, voicemails, and any other communications coming to you from me.  My ability to complete work in a timely manner depends directly on your ability to deliver your parts on time.
  6. Make sure you understand the final delivery procedures: Be certain you’re crystal clear on what you’re supposed to receive from me and when.

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