Ten (10) Reasons Why I Write For Hire

  1. I like to write.Ten (10) Reasons Why I Write For Hire
  2. I like the pressure of assignments and due dates.
  3. I like helping people in the capacity in which I can.
  4. I can write.
  5. I am an excellent researcher. This is one of the FEW ways that I can monetize the hours of time I spend online researching things that keep my head filled with “useless knowledge“. At least now, I can find a creative outlet, put out some good energy into the world, and help keep a roof over my head.
  6. I like making anonymous friends on the internet. As a person who remembers like before “The Internet“, I have been continually fascinated by the online environment and the ability to “friend” perfect strangers and get to know them intimately without ever meeting them. Strange as it may seem to some people, but this aptly meets my need for human personal interaction.
  7. I like money! This doesn’t really need an explanation, does it?
  8. I’m curious to know how this whole internet business thing works, and if a business like this will work.
  9. I love learning. Crazy as it sounds, I find immense joy in learning something new.
  10. I like being smart. Someone once accused me of being a “know it all” as a kid, and I had to tell them they were wrong. I don’t know EVERYTHING, but I’m getting there! It’s ironic that through this venture, I just may find the freedom, appreciation, and acceptance that I’ve never been able to get in any personal, professional, or social setting that I’ve been involved in to date.

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